Nets Easy – Subscription support


Nets Easy is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension for handling of recurring payments.


To get started with recurring payments via Nets Easy in your WooCommerce store, you will need the extension WooCommerce Subscriptions installed and configured.

Get started with subscriptions

  1. Create a simple subscription product. Set it to a daily renewal so that we can test the renewal process as well.
  2. Make a test purchase (either with a real account or a test account).
  3. Make sure that:
    – The subscription order is created in both Nets and WooCommerce.
    – A Nets transaction number is added to the order notes in WooCommerce.
    – The subscription status is set to Active in WooCommerce.
  4. Wait 24 hours and check that the renewal order is created, a new reservation number from Nets is added to the order notes in the renewal order and the subscription is set to Active again.
  5. You can speed up the renewal if you don't want to wait 24 hours. Make sure that the order is set to Active and that the recurring token is in place. Then in the Subscription actions selectbox you can choose Process renewal and click Update.

Moving subscription orders from DIBS D2 to Nets Easy

Subscriptions orders in DIBS D2 are created with a DIBS  recurring token. This recurring token is saved in the subscription post meta field: _dibs_ticket. In Nets Easy this recurring token is saved in the post meta field: _dibs_recurring_token

These are the steps to move a subscription order from DIBS D2 to Nets Easy in WooCommerce:

  1. Get in touch with Nets and ask them to export your current subscriptions from the D2 platform to Easy Platform.
  2. Install and configure Nets Easy in your WooCommerce store. Make sure that everything works with creating a new subscription and a renewal order.
  3. Keep the DIBS D2 plugin active but disable the payment method in the payment gateway settings.
  4. Navigate to one active subscription where DIBS D2 is the selected payment method.
  5. Change the payment method to Nets Easy and save the subscription.
  6. Trigger a renewal payment for the subscription. 
  7. Make sure that the renewal payment is ok and the subscription has the status Active.
  8. When you have confirmed that a renewal payment works as expected, you can now go ahead and change the payment method for the remaining subscriptions from D2 to Easy.
The underlaying logic in the sequence described above is that if  _dibs_recurring_token is missing in a subscription, the Easy plugin will look for  _dibs_ticket. If  _dibs_ticket exists it will make a request to Nets and ask for the  _dibs_recurring_token (based on _dibs_ticket as the  externalreference). If the plugin gets a Nets Subscription ID in return this information will be stored in  _dibs_recurring_token and a renewal payment request will be triggered.

Custom button text for subscription payments

If the cart in WooCommerce contain a subscription product, you have the possibility to change the text displayed on the Complete payment button. The setting can be found in the Nets Easy plugin settings under: " Complete payment button text". The default value for this setting is "Subscribe".

Translations for the "Complete payment button text" setting selections:

Pay Betala Betal Betal
Purchase Köp Køb Kjøp
Order Beställa Bestil Bestill
Book Boka Book Reserver
Reserve Boka Reserver Reserver
Signup Anmäl Tilmeld Påmeld
Subscribe Prenumerera Abonner Abonner
Accept Acceptera Accepter Aksepter

Update payment method from My account page

If the customer wants to change the card used for the subscription, they can login to  My account and then navigate to the subscription. From this view they can click the Change payment button.

  • This will send the customer to the checkout page where Nets Easy is selected again as the payment method.
  • By clicking on the Change payment method button the customer is redirected to the hosted payment window. However, the amount of this order is set to 0.
  • Finally the customer is redirected back to the subscription page and can se a notice about the subscription payment method being updated.

The Nets subscription ID is now updated in the WooCommerce subscription and the new card/payment method will be used for future subscription renewals.


No subscription is being created. When a customer signs up there is only a regular order created.

This is usually happening because a new customer account wasn’t created. The most common reason for this is that the account settings described in the Requirement section isn’t configured correctly.

No renewals are triggered at all

This is usually because you are working in a staging/test environment. WooCommerce Subscriptions have a built-in feature that determine if your installation is a production site or a staging site. From the staging site no renewals are being triggered. Read more about how WooCommerce Subscriptions handle staging sites and migrations here.

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