Kodmyran Commerce – Introduction

Note that this is an addon plugin to Kroconnect. Kroconnect needs to be installed and activated for Kodmyran Commerce to work.

The plugin extends WooCommerce, allowing you to sync orders, customers and product data between WooCommerce and Kodmyran Commerce.


  • You need an agreement with Kodmyran to be able to use this plugin.
  • WooCommerce 3.8 or newer is required.
  • PHP 5.6 or higher is required.


  1. Login to WordPress Admin. Navigate to → Plugins → Add New (in the left column menu).
  2. Click Upload Plugin and then browse to the plugin zip-file on your computer. Click on OK and finally click on the Install Now button.
  3. Activate the plugin.


  1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Kroconnect → Kodmyran → Settings.
  2. Enter the Site name and API key you have received from Kodmyran.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

Create a sync view

  1. First create a sync view with Kodmyran from your site. This is done by clicking the Create sync view button.
  2. The page will reload and you should now have a Sync view created. If not, then something went wrong and you can check the logs.

Configure connections

Now you can select what type of data connections you want to activate.

From WooCommerce to Kodmyran

  1. Orders – Check if you want to send new orders from WooCommerce to Kodmyran.
  2. Products – Check if you want to sync product data from WooCommerce to Kodmyran when saving or creating products in WooCommerce.

From Kodmyran to WooCommerce 

  1. Order status – Tick the box if you want to sync order status changes in WooCommerce when handling/shipping the order in Kodmyran.
  2. Products – Tick the box if you want to sync product data from Kodmyran to WooCommerce when saving or creating products in Kodmyran.
  3. Stock – Tick the box if you want to sync stock from Kodmyran to WooCommerce.

The last setting is for the debug logging. This is only for logging requests sent to and from Kodmyran. All data passed from Kodmyran to WooCommerce is always stored in the database temporarily until it can be processed.

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