Payson Checkout – FAQ

A collection of Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to purchase a product that costs below 10 SEK/1 Euro in my shop but when I go to the checkout I see the message "no other payment methods are available", what is wrong?

Payson only allows purchases over 4 SEK so that is why this message is showing and the Payson Checkout is not showing.

I see the error "Payson API error (400 Bad Request the specified condition was not met for 'Terms Uri'. on my checkout page, what is wrong?

This means that you have not set a Terms and Condition page in WooCommerce. 
Go to  WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced and then go to the Page Setup section and make sure you have set a Terms and Condition page there.
If you do have set a page there, go to your Pages section in the WordPress dashboard and check that your page  that contains your terms and condition information has the Status: Published.
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