Instabox - Introduction

Instabox for WooCommerce enables Instabox as a Shipping option, with delivery date and approximate time of delivery, in the checkout and you can book shipments with Instabox directly in WooCommerce.


  1. Download the .zip file you got from Instabox
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and upload the file via Upload plugin.
  3. Install Now and Activate.


  1. Go to: to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping where you will find Instabox Shipping available as an option in the horizontal menu.
  2. API Key - Enter the API Key you have retrieved from Instabox.
  3. API Secret - Enter the API Secret you have retrieved from Instabox.
  4. Instabox customer number - Enter the customer number you have retrieved from Instabox.
  5. Debug logging - Check this box to save debug messages to the WooCommerce System Status log that you will find in WooCommerce > Status > Logs.
  6. Checkout template - Choose if you want to use the Map or Basic select box template for displaying Instabox in the checkout.
  7. Google Maps API Key - If you choose the Map template in the previous setting you need to enter your Google Maps API Key.
  8. Preselection recommended - Check this box if you want to make Instabox a prioritized shipping method in checkout if Instabox marks the customer location as Preselection:Recommended.
  9. Preselection allowed - Check this box if you want to make Instabox a prioritized shipping method in checkout if Instabox marks the customer location as Preselection:Allowed.
  10. Enable Order Management - Check this box if you wish to use order management.
  11. Automatically book order - Check this box if you wish to automatically book the order with Instabox when the WooCommerce order status is changed to Complete.
  12. Save changes

Creating and configuring a Instabox shipping method

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping zones.
  2. Choose or Add the shipping zone where you want to use Instabox as a shipping method.
  3. Click Add shipping method and select one of the available shipping methods.
  4. Click the selected shipping method to configure its settings
  5. In the configuration screen a setting called Instabox Service is displayed. This setting defaults to No Instabox Connection
  6. Opening the select box will provide you with the option of choosing between Green, Express, Instabike and Collect in store.
    Choose the one you wish to use for this configuration.
  7. Remember to add a Method title, Tax status and Cost for the shipping method.
  8. Save changes
  9. Repeat the steps above to add additional shipping methods

How the plugin functions in cart/checkout

Delivery options

When the customer enter their postal code, the plugin runs a control on the given postal code and country, to check whether it is within the Instabox delivery range or not. It will also check which of the delivery methods that are valid for the postal code and country given by the customer; Green, Express, Instabike or Collect in store.


There are two preselections available from Instabox; Preselection:Recommended and Preselection:Allowed.

When either, or both, of these are enabled it means that Instabox will be the default shipping method if the customer location fits the criteria. For instance if a customer is within the "recommended" (more narrow) range Instabox will be the default shipping method, but if the customer is further away from a box another delivery service is likely be the default. The "allowed" range has a slightly larger acceptance of the distance between the customer and the box to set Instabox as the default shipping method.

Order management

To be able to manage Instabox orders, you will need to have checked the Enable Order Management box in the Instabox settings. Only orders made with Instabox as the chosen shipping method will have the accessibility to book or cancel orders via Instabox.

To be able to see the status of a booked or cancelled order, you will need to go to the specific order. The status will then be displayed in the Order notes, in the Instabox section, or in both.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders and click the specific order you wish to view. You will have the Instabox metabox on the right side with information about Service type, if the order is Prebooked or not and Pickup point.
In this box you also have the Create order button where you click to confirm the order with Instabox.

You also have the option to have orders that are set to Complete in WooCommerce automatically booked in Instabox. This is enabled by checking the Automatically book order box on the settings page, as described in the Configuration section above.

When an order is booked, manually or automatically, you will also get Parcel ID information in the Instabox metabox.

Shipping labels

At this point the plugin or Instabox does not provide the service to generate shipping labels through WooCommerce.

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